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The Houston Forensic Science Center Records _ or eDiscovery _ website contains documents dating back to 2014, the year HFSC took over management of the Houston Police Department’s forensic services. The site is continuously updated with records commonly requested in court.
As a general rule, HFSC does not publicly disclose case-specific information. You may obtain such information through the following channels: attorneys may contact our Client Services & Case Management (CS/CM) division at; members of the general public may submit a public information act request at Information about the Texas Public Information Act can be found on the Texas Attorney General’s Office website (
As mentioned above, the eDiscovery website does not contain case-specific information. Documents related to an ongoing criminal investigation or otherwise legally privileged may also be withheld from this public website.
The HFSC Records website is updated weekly.
Commonly revised documents, such as a standard operating procedures (SOPs), list the effective date range. The most recent version will list “present” in the effective date range.
For documents relating to toxicology analysis, the CS/CM division will provide a letter detailing all documents relevant to a case in response to a request for case-specific information. That letter can be used to search the records website for relevant material.
Evidence submission forms can be found on the HFSC website ( For audio/video evidence submissions, please use this form. ( For all other evidence, please use this form (
The most recent documents can be found under the “new updates” tab on the website. That is updated every two weeks.